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1. ROOKIE ADP! We have started compiling our rookie ADP for the 2021 season and it will be available on very soon! 2. ROOKIE SUGGESTED DRAFT SLOTS! If you have ever asked, "Where should I draft [INSERT ROOKIE NAME]" in 1QB, SuperFlex or Startup drafts, look no further.  Our analysts have given their input on the HIGHEST they would draft someone and the LOWEST they would let them fall.  With this data compiled, we have determined our SUGGESTED DRAFT SLOTS!  This will be updated throughout the rookie process! 3. NEW ROOKIE PROFILES!  We are in the process of adding 23 new rookies to!  Here are the names:OFFENSE:Elijah MooreD'Wayne EskridgeDyami BrownJermar JeffersonRhamondre StevensonAmari RodgersDemetric FeltonFrank DarbyElijah MitchellLarry RountreeTre' McKittyRonnie BellAustin WatkinsDEFENSE: Richie GrantTalanoa HufangaElijah MoldenDivine DeabloBaron BrowningPete WernerKJ BrittPaddy FisherRonnie PerkinsDaviyon Nixon...
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